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    Hi Caroline...


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    Have a great day!


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    Hugs to you on this Thursday! Babs


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    Hellooo Caroline what a lovely message you have left me it was very touching I cant wait to meet you in Nutters Inn they are a wonderful family of friends there and will welcome you with open arms im so sorry to hear you are resigned to staying at home through Ill health i myself have only just started to get about again after Arthritis in my knees stopped my career I was a dancing teacher but now sadly stuck at home but I have a wonderful family without them I would be lost . Anyway Caroline Im so glad you joined us in our group and look forward to seeing you on the boards take a look in my Wish Thread on General where you can indulge your Siggy Piggy Habit lol I just love making tags for people it keeps me going lol See you soon Caroline Big Hugs Rita xxx



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    Good evening, Caroline! Thanks so much for your vote and kind compliments here...Unfortuneatly I don't use the doll graphics myself. I own several licenses to artists from CILM, and My PSP tubes.
    I did find a site of interest for you though. I hope that will help you in finding the right avatar that you're looking for. It's so very nice to meet you too...and I hope we can continue our friendship here. If there's anything else I can help you with, I'm just a PM away....Hugs!

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    Good Morning Caroline! Yep your note came thru!!What interesting subjects you send me too,, I agree with you regarding New Orleans, It is a shame after all the fanfare and dollars sent that way so much has been left un done.I suppose there's an abundance of hot air blowers as well as con artist that have made their way thru til the news worthiness essentially disappeared.There was and still is the view that in reality its a poor landscape to exist in the path it so often is to withstand such storms, and there will be another. Many had suggested not to rebuild in certain areas that cannot be protected by any stretch from a storm of that size,And it will happen again..they have destroyed most of the wetland and marsh that was natures protection from the storm surges and the cement walls aren't sufficient. So i don't know what the future is, I can only imagine what the insurance rates must be for anyone living coastal, If they can get it at all..I believe the future of many of those communities isn't long...I suppose where you are gets its fair share of bad weather. Here it seems we are always in drought conditions at the end of each summer. The winters are very mild. Of course when in Florida it was quite different, Like Gators, you accept Hurricanes as part of life.., Thank you for your always enjoyable notes, Please have a wonderful weekend!! Til then,,take care!

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    Sudsy Bubblebath

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    imagemyspace comments


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    Hi! Thanks for missing me. Good feeling to be missed lol

    You sure came to the right place for help with your profile, etc. That's all I've been doing for the last 6 weeks: teaching myself to design skins and html codes and css codes and community set up, etc. I have been asked to help set up a group (by someone that saw an dloved my skins).

    Come, join the group....put that DeAnna asked you to come in your application for memebership. I have several skins ready for snagging there and even a place for customizng requests. If you can't find what you are wanting in what I have so far, we'll talk and figure out something for you. Plus there is all kinds of snags to be had and tags like crazy will be made for you. Look forward to seeing you there!

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